Archer County Auditor, Archer City, TX – I, along with my County Treasurer, began the daunting process of searching for a new financial software provider in 2013. Our search quickly came to a halt as we learned of the great expense these other software providers’ services entailed. This was something our county just simply couldn’t afford.

We later learned about a company called Financial Intelligence (FI). The FI financial software had recently been implemented in a neighboring county, a county that was very happy with their services. In March of 2014, we began the conversion to FI. We were told that because of their recent development in Texas, as well as the inherent painful nature of a software conversion from one company to another, to expect a period of “growing pains”. Those growing pains were very real but with the help of the FI staff we have worked together to develop a system tailored to Texas counties, that I am very excited about! FI has been nothing but professional and helpful through the entire process. I can’t say enough about the outstanding character and intelligence of their team. If I have a problem or a question, they happily get right on it. Because our former software provider lacked in it, good customer service was a top priority for my Treasurer and me. FI has definitely met those expectations, and they should be proud of their hard work to develop an affordable software that is tailored to Texas counties.