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We have designed our financial software to be user friendly and secure. To achieve this, we have developed all our software for use in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Firefox’s browsers. If you have ever used the Internet, then you will have no problem navigating to FI’s proven software.

An Experienced Service Team To Ensure That Your Needs Are Met

FI employees have over 70 years combined experience in the automation of government entities. All we do is design and support software solutions for government finance. Our extensive list of satisfied customers will be happy to talk to you about the money-saving advantages of allowing FI to serve your data processing needs.

Guaranteed, All-Inclusive Pricing

No one would hire an employee and pay a year’s salary in advance, so why pay your data processing service provider up front? FI charges customers a reasonable monthly fee with no payment required in advance. You pay a low monthly cost that is guaranteed not to increase for the term of the contract. Times are tough and budgets are tight. When you choose FI, you will not be surprised with invoices for every question you ask. With FI, you know up front what your complete data processing budget will be for the entire term of the agreement.

IBM & DELL Computer Hardware For Easy Implementation and Support

IBM and Dell are two of the most trusted names in the hardware industry. Lots of computer manufacturers can provide hardware that will meet your needs, but the networks developed by IBM and Dell for support after the sale are second to none. FI can usually use the existing computer hardware you own.

Accounts Payable

An accounts payable package that makes it as easy to pay multiple invoices as it is to pay one. Eliminate paying duplicate invoices. Pay by purchase order. Batch payments, such as jury lists, can be done in minutes instead of hours. Includes a very dynamic vendor inquiry with the ability to print a vendor history report. Fully automated 1099 printing and reporting. Updates General Ledger with ease. Maintains a full audit trail of all transactions.


Facilitates paying one or ten thousand employees use the same simple steps. Unlimited user defined earning codes and deduction codes. Processes payments to employees with multiple positions regardless of the fund or department. Out of cycle or special checks are processed effortlessly. Tracks multiple leave balances by using various accrual methods. Handles quarterly and annual reporting as required. Maintains a full audit trail of all transactions.


Purchase orders can be requested through requisition entry. The chart is encumbered at the time the purchase order is issued. Automatically creates periodically (monthly) scheduled PO’s. Purchases are tied to General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets.

General Ledger

A fully transactional general ledger system that itemizes all transactions. Reporting capabilities include Detailed General Ledger Transactions, Statements of Operations that show Budget vs. Actual, and Expenditure Code Reports that can track expenses by line item and job code. Maintains a full audit trail of all transactions.


Creates annual budgets with ease. Allows for revenue forecasting, expenditure tracking, and position budgeting. Create and work on multiple versions until the budget is finalized.

Fixed Asset Management and Tracking

Tracks inventory from the point a purchase order is issued until the disposal of asset. Tracks purchase price as well as ancillary costs.

Treasury Management

Receipt revenues into multiple checking accounts. Preset distributions can be tied to receipts and Treasurer’s checks. Includes a dynamic check printing for A/P Checks, Payroll Checks and Treasurer’s Checks. Reconcile all checking accounts with ease. Tracks investments without difficulty. Fully integrated with Accounts Payable and Payroll. Maintains a full audit trail of all transactions.

Export Data

Data can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel® or comparable spreadsheet programs.

Government Financial Solutions

General Ledger

  • Chart of accounts maintained electronically
  • Create department and line item codes easily
  • Manage budget appropriations and compare to actual expenditures
  • Reconcile county clerk claims to treasury through an automated processAR


  • Create revenue and expenditure budgets effectively
  • Budget personnel positions, payroll expense and fringe benefits comprehensively
  • Compare historical budgets and actual information


  • Create funds and revenue codes easily
  • Create receipt types and distribute to multiple funds directly from a receipt
  • Create distribution types and seamlessly distribute to multiple funds
  • Reconcile banks through an automated process
  • Provide monthly distribution reports to schools and citiesAR
  • Create a receivable report for auditors
  • Provide audit log for auditors

Accounts Payable

  • Manage vendors electronically
  • Process claims efficiently
  • Issue a claim for multiple funds
  • Issue purchase orders
  • Create an accrual claim report for auditors
  • Provide audit log for auditors


  • Manage employees and positions effectively
  • Human resource functions available
  • Leave/vacation accrues through an automated process
  • Create payrolls with a step by step process
  • Process direct deposits
  • Payroll expense claims auto created

Other Features

  • Strong internal controls through all applications
  • Audit history trails for all transactions
  • Auditor access, your auditor can access reports and search for specific items
  • Reports are printable in pdf format
  • Many reports are exportable to excel
  • Data can be imported from Excel
  • Scanning module available
  • Employee self-management option available

Government Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

  • Manage inventory entry
  • Track additions, deletions, and transfers within departments
  • Generate a report for your insurance needs

AR = Arkansas

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