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Transparency is becoming critical to the success of local government. Taxpayers are demanding more of their elected and appointed officials. Those entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility of their counties are under increased pressure to work efficiently. Just as important is the transparency between departments within the government and even between county employees sitting just feet away from one another. Financial Intelligence (FI) provides financial software solutions to local government in the areas of finance, administration, and public works to county governments. Our easy to use financial management software and services integrate information across an entire government organization—from routine accounting transactions to human resource management.

Company Overview

FI Features Powerful Financial Management Products

Each suite of products is tailored to provide the most advanced functionality for the specific needs of government agencies of all sizes. And as part of the Information Capital family, FI can integrate with software suites used by every other department in county government; including law enforcement, criminal and civil courts, probation and many others. We can even integrate with software solutions provided by other software providers.

Our Role Doesn’t End When the Software is Licensed

After installing our financial services software, we provide continuing support to make sure everything works the way you need it to. Our personalized training and service provides an on-going support network that allows an easy transition to a new automated environment.

We don’t Provide a Canned, One-Size-Fits-All Solution

You decide what makes our software work better for you. The Financial Intelligence software is complete, reliable, and designed by you. Every year we issue an update of our core software application based on requests from our customers and any changes in state law. This upgrade is provided at no extra cost.

Our Pricing is All-Inclusive – Guaranteed

The monthly fee we charge is guaranteed not to increase for the term of your contract. All updates to our core application are included in our pricing. You will have the most complete, relevant, reliable, and user-friendly financial software available; and you will know, up-front, what your complete data processing budget will be for the entire term of the agreement.

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    Saline County HR Director, Benton, AR – “I just want to thank you for…
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    Baxter County Treasurer, Mountain Home, AR – “When Covid began, I cannot tell you…
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    Former Marion County Treasurer, Yellville, AR – “As 2022 comes to a close, I…

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