Calhoun County Treasurer, Hampton, AR – My first year in office was 2013, and it was such a blessing to have a software company that was willing to help me in any situation. I was new at this “County Treasurer” thing, and of course I had lots of questions! There was never a question that I couldn’t ask FI personnel without getting a full response. Many times, FI personnel went out of their way to help me resolve my issues. This is one of the biggest reasons I recommend Financial Intelligence to any county government office. I work closely with our County Clerk, Alma Davis, and this software enables both of our offices to work efficiently as a team. The software is very user friendly and anytime you have issues, the FI staff is quick to respond. Some of the staff has become like family – because they go out of their way to satisfy their clients in a genuine way. Financial Intelligence is the complete solution to any software needs and they come highly recommended from me.