First Payroll Run for Childress County. Pictured are Brenda Overstreet and Tiffany Howard with FI Analyst Nathan Ray.

Financial Intelligence (FI) of Conroe, Texas is pleased to announce that on July 1, 2020, Childress County, Texas completed the migration from their legacy financial software provided by HCSS to the latest financial software provided by Financial Intelligence (FI). Childress County Treasurer, Brenda Overstreet, lead the effort to modernize the County’s financial software saying, “It was remarkable the progress our staff and FI made to install and train on the new software as COVID-19 was breaking out.” Mrs. Overstreet said, “her team and FI had to rewrite the playbook in real time to overcome the challenges presented as COVID-19 forced us to change the way we work and interact with the public.” And that, “The FI software made it extremely easy because of its ability to run over the Internet.”

FI President Robert Baird said “We had just started the software installation and training process when COVID-19 began to change the processes we have used to install over 20 county customers. Not only was the courthouse on lockdown, but the hotel our team was staying at in Childress closed. Brenda and her staff were very flexible as we learned how to train her staff under such unique circumstances.”